What’s with that header pic???

I’ve been asked what the header photo is.  It comes from a photograph I shot in the summer of 2005 when I was doing a tour of the University of Cincinnati campus.  

Here is the full picture:

University of Cincinnati, Calhoun & McMillan

The picture is taken from a vantage point in front of Calhoun Hall.  With a keen eye you can see the old Hardee’s location in the background.  By this time it had been long shuttered and was in a quickly progressing state of disrepair.

This utility pole had been the victim of years of abuse by this time from students and local businesses trying to get the word to a large audience.  All of the staples left behind are a reminder of a time when viral communication happened in a different way.  Perhaps a metaphor for our own present-day inundation of social media (ir)relevance.  To be sure improvised kiosks like this still exist – far from obsolete – but with more in common with the erstwhile Hardee’s.

Here is the pole in question which as of the date of the latest Google Streetview in 2009 has survived the new development along Calhoun Street.


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