Flashback Friday: I-471

Sometimes they seem like they’ve been there forever.  We’re speaking of those interstates and their onerous mainlines and ramps that devour real estate.  Even here at the foot of Mt. Adams where once resided some of Cincinnati’s densest (if not nefarious) urban fabric.  Would you be surprised if I told you this scene was from 1982?

I-471 and Daniel Carter Beard Bridge

Surprisingly, this photo would qualify as near-history.  For it wasn’t too long ago that the Daniel Carter Beard Bridge tied awkwardly into Eggleston Avenue below.  This view of I-471 under construction reminds us that our cities were still being marched to their nadir even as the Twentieth Century reached an advanced age.

Some details: Looking south, we can see the construction on the Cincinnati side of the river.  The Fifth Street Viaduct crosses at center.

For those with a keen eye, you’ll notice the vintage Little Kings billboard on the building at center-right.  In the distance you’ll also notice the remnants of the rail yards that would become Bicentennial Commons a few years later.

Photo Credit: Jim Osborne – The Kentucky Post, February 2, 1982.

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