Blow up a bridge! Milton, Kentucky – 2013


Milton is probably a town name unfamiliar even to native and long-time Kentuckians. Sitting opposite the Ohio River from better known Madison, Indiana, the town was actually incorporated some 20 years before Madison in 1889.

The occasion of PE’s visit was the first phase of demolition of the Milton-Madison Bridge which has connected the two river towns since 1929 carrying US 421.

While we were there we took in a few of the sights around this old burg on Kentucky’s northern shore. Read more of this post

Staying Dry During Rain

A caveat: File this post under the category that includes rants about the press playing to the lowest common denominator.  With the latest “worst heat wave ever” and a slow news cycle we’re treated to stories proving to us how 95 degrees of Fahrenheit is oppressive. 

Unbearable heat in action.  If you see it, call the news tip line.
The worst part of these stories is the faux public service that the talking heads perform by reminding us how to beat the heat.  Among other insightful nuggets we get “slow down” and “dress for summer”.  All bullet-pointed for our apparent illiteracy and as if we would wear parkas, sock hats and our favorite knock-off Burberry scarf in July while running our first 5k. Read more of this post

Cardinals to meet Obama

 President Barack Obama –

Late word from the interwebs that the National Champion University of Louisville men’s basketball team will visit Washington, DC and President Obama on July 23.  

The meeting between the Chief Executive and the Champions is scheduled to take place at 1:30PM.  No word if the reception will be televised but stay tuned.

Peyton Siva –

The Cardinals defeated Michigan to win the 2013 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship in Atlanta this past April.  It’s customary for champions to visit Washington to meet the President.  But the beginnings of this practice are less definite.  Although inconclusive, our best bet is that the first team to make this visit was the Bobby Knight led Indiana Hoosiers when they visited President Gerald Ford in 1976.  The next team to visit was the 1980 Louisville Cardinals.  They were the only team hosted by Carter and the team and Coach Crum secured some great photo ops in the eight minutes they were in the Cabinet Room. Read more of this post

Deen controversy offers lessons in crisis PR

Paula Deen
The Paula Deen controversy is a study in crisis management public relations and communications.  What are the lessons to be learned?  Crisis management is complicated and typically a Monday-morning-quarterback’s sport.  But here are a few rules that can shed some light.
Rule #1: Anticipate.
In Deen’s case the reality of the situation was that the smoke lead to fire.  Given this, the first rule of crisis management to “be out in front of the situation” became all the more important.