Cardinals to meet Obama

 President Barack Obama –

Late word from the interwebs that the National Champion University of Louisville men’s basketball team will visit Washington, DC and President Obama on July 23.  

The meeting between the Chief Executive and the Champions is scheduled to take place at 1:30PM.  No word if the reception will be televised but stay tuned.

Peyton Siva –

The Cardinals defeated Michigan to win the 2013 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship in Atlanta this past April.  It’s customary for champions to visit Washington to meet the President.  But the beginnings of this practice are less definite.  Although inconclusive, our best bet is that the first team to make this visit was the Bobby Knight led Indiana Hoosiers when they visited President Gerald Ford in 1976.  The next team to visit was the 1980 Louisville Cardinals.  They were the only team hosted by Carter and the team and Coach Crum secured some great photo ops in the eight minutes they were in the Cabinet Room.

1980 champs greeted by President Jimmy Carter –

Visits became more of a regular tradition during the Reagan, Bush Sr. and Clinton administrations.  They also became more structured.  During the Reagan years the receptions expanded to include women’s champions as well as a growing list of non-revenue sports champions.

These days the receptions include dozens of teams on what the White house will call “Championship Day”.  The cost of the visit is paid by the schools.

Just another hallmark day in the Year of the

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