Staying Dry During Rain

A caveat: File this post under the category that includes rants about the press playing to the lowest common denominator.  With the latest “worst heat wave ever” and a slow news cycle we’re treated to stories proving to us how 95 degrees of Fahrenheit is oppressive. 

Unbearable heat in action.  If you see it, call the news tip line.
The worst part of these stories is the faux public service that the talking heads perform by reminding us how to beat the heat.  Among other insightful nuggets we get “slow down” and “dress for summer”.  All bullet-pointed for our apparent illiteracy and as if we would wear parkas, sock hats and our favorite knock-off Burberry scarf in July while running our first 5k.

WPVI in Philadelphia provides us a recent example here.
So to the point of all this, we at PE have mused for years about this type of news. Way back when we developed our own capsule entitled “Keeping Dry During Rain”
<Cue voiceover, cue background video of people running for cover. Cue graphic.> 
  • Watch for dark clouds. 
  • Listen for thunder.
  • If you have an umbrella, open it. 
  • When possible, go indoors. 
  • If you have children or pets, be sure to share the umbrella or take them inside.
<Cue Anchor>
Keep in mind you can always stay in front of getting wet in the rain by checking the forecast.  We have more tips on our website at “”. 
<end script>
There.  I feel better.
So is this an indication of the public intellect or just the main stream media’s perception of the public?

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