Enquirer Building Conversion Continues; A Different Perspective

Cincinnati Enquirer Building. Photo by Greg Hume

By now, the plan to convert the 90-year-old Cincinnati Enquirer Building into a 249-room Hampton/Homewood dual flag is progressing well.

Most of us are familiar with the front façade of the 14-story building and all its dressings.  Serving as the fictional offices of WKRP in Cincinnati, it made a national appearance weekly in the late-1970’s and early-1980’s.  Recently, PE preserved a few timely views of the rear of the building during one of our CBD: Off The Beaten Path treks. (See one here.)  Here’s a side of the building which is easily accessible but which most of us have probably never seen.

Below are a couple shots of the back façade of the building.  Unsurprisingly, it is plain but nonetheless handsome.  Note that all but the bottom couple floors have been stripped of their original (and inefficient) windows.  Don’t say it has been “defenestrated” though!

Old Cincinnati Enquirer Building - August, 2013

The very bottom floor will continue to function well as shipping docks.  Fire escapes can ruin a building like a bad pair of hipster glasses.  in this case I think the escape is a neat, clean and handsome adornment.

Old Cincinnati Enquirer Building - August, 2013

The Cincinnati Business Courier has a great slideshow of the interior.  Take a couple minutes to click-through.  You won’t be disappointed.  Old Enqy is quite an ornate sight to behold.

CR Architecture + Design has provided a few renderings of the project on their website.  See them…


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