Non-Game Action Musings from Rutgers vs. Louisville

Rutgers vs. Louisville - October, 2013

On a recent visit to Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium (PJCS) we asked our standout staff photographer to capture something different.  What we were looking for was something that took the focus away from the on-field action and put it on what makes our enjoyment of gameday possible and some of the details we completely miss.  PJCS offers a unique experience. Uproarious tailgating, a stadium built on an old railroad switching yard, jet flyovers reminiscent of old Shea Stadium and panoramic views of downtown Louisville and the iconic Twin Spires all combine for a target-rich environment. Here is just a little of what that night produced.

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Papa Johns Cardinal Stadium Expansion Renderings

pjcs expansion

The success of the 2013 version Louisville Cardinals football squad has fans dreaming again of stadium expansion.  National pundits have reminded college football fans ad nauseam that Louisville has a weak schedule.  The louder they shout it, the truer it gets.  Right?  Despite this given, Louisville fans have turned out for home games at a better pace than ever and more room will eventually be needed for fans.  What can be expected from future expansion?

With the move to the ACC in 2014 and the improved slate of home games (both in name and objective quality), most anticipate that tickets will become prohibitively expensive on the secondary market.  Naturally, the talk turns to stadium expansion.  Some sort of expansion in the near future is a given.  The size, scope and look of which is to be determined.

Above is the most likely scope of the next expansion which involves closing in the North end-zone.

But could Louisville go further?

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Does UC’s Nippert Stadium Expansion Go Far Enough?

Nippert Stadium RenderingThere you have it.  The visual answer to what $86 million looks like when it is added to the fifth oldest stadium in college football, Nippert Stadium.  Who doesn’t love renderings?  And this one is particularly exciting.  Bearcat fans have to be thrilled how this will add to an already wonderful gameday/gamenight atmosphere.  Despite the lack of seating capacity by some standards, UC has one of the best venues for viewing the game.  Nestled in a former ravine of Burnet Woods, the stadium holds noise and puts fans right on top of the action.

But will this expansion accomplish all the right goals?

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Next Chapter of the Pitino Matchups

Rick Pitino, Head Coach, Louisville Cardinals

Rick Pitino, Head Coach, Louisville Cardinals (Photo credit: MattBritt00)

Word from USAToday and NBC Sports is that the elder statesman (and Naismith Hall of Fame member) and the young upstart progeny could face each other as early as 2014.

While the younger Richard Pitino is in no hurry to be paired against the reigning national champions, it wouldn’t be the first time they have met.  In fact, Richard visited his father the KFC YUM! Center this past season in a losing effort.  Since then, he has moved on from his head coaching duties at Florida International to replace former Rick Pitino assistant, Tubby Smith.

Word is they are eyeballing a match up in the B1GACC Challenge for the 2014-2015 season.  We won’t know for sure if the Pitinos will be paired until August, 2014.  Stay tuned…

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