Time Passages…Cincinnati Alleys in 2005

Just for fun, we thought we would haunt some of the alley ways in the Central Business District in 2005. 

Ogden Place - CBD, Cincinnati, OH

Downtown has seen several of these go by the wayside over the years as the CBD demanded that projects be constructed on a large scale. Before superblock developments alleys crossed and subdivided the larger blocks we know today. Today, they’ve been either renamed, obliterated or have become nameless delivery access for the modern towers. Some coincide with present day Skywalk’s. Gone are Egan Alley, Thorp Alley, Hatters Alley and Lawson Alley and others.

A surprising number still survive but without signals or the overhead street signs they have a way of blending into the scenery.  Ogden, Benham, Berning, L’Hommedieu to name a few.  

While nothing special, we did think it would be nice to put them here for you.

Everybody knows this one.  Ogden Place.
Ogden Place - CBD, Cincinnati, OH Ogden Place - CBD, Cincinnati, OH
A new twist?
NURFC - The Banks, Cincinnati, OH

These are unidentified.
Unidentified Alley - CBD, Cincinnati, OH   Unidentified Alley - CBD, Cincinnati, OH

Also, unidentified.
Unidentified Alley - CBD, Cincinnati, OH

Benham Alley.
Benham Alley - CBD, Cincinnati, OH

McFarland Street.  Not an alley but probably one of the lesser known CBD streets.
McFarland Street - CBD, Cincinnati, OH       

And since we know this probably came to mind when you saw the title…you’re welcome!

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