Queen and Crescent: Cincinnati, New Orleans, and Texas Pacific Railway

We are not the experts on rail history.  We can’t even claim to know very much about Cincinnati rail history.  Several well done sites have virtually complete histories.  Sites like Cincinnati Transit Historical Association, Ronny Salerno’s Queen City Discovery, Jake Mecklenborg’s Cincinnati-Transit, West2k  and our favorite, Jeffrey Jacucyk’s Cincinnati Traction History are all wonderful resources maintained by able enthusiasts.  But when we happened upon a cache of fascinating photos from early last century, we wanted to make our little contribution to the storytelling.  Ladies and gentlemen, the Queen and Crescent Freight Depot.

Queen And Crescent Freight Depot - Cincinnati, OH
A 1914 view of the depot.  Here we are looking at the NWC of Vine and Front Streets.

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Blow up a bridge! Milton, Kentucky – 2013

Source: miltonmadisonbridge.com

Milton is probably a town name unfamiliar even to native and long-time Kentuckians. Sitting opposite the Ohio River from better known Madison, Indiana, the town was actually incorporated some 20 years before Madison in 1889.

The occasion of PE’s visit was the first phase of demolition of the Milton-Madison Bridge which has connected the two river towns since 1929 carrying US 421.

While we were there we took in a few of the sights around this old burg on Kentucky’s northern shore. Read more of this post

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